Cave Mapper

I completed my second version of a Cave Mapper – the robot which can scan a cave and collect the data points, which when loaded into software can create a 3D version of a cave. While my first version was manual (5th grade science project), which used protractors, my second version used Raspberry Pi, Arduino relay and servos to move LIDAR automatically. I am currently working on a third version of a Cave Mapper, which will be much smaller in size and faster at doing the scans. My project has patten pending.


The GIGAmacro images are assembled from hundreds, or more often thousands, of individual photographs. These photographs are captured using the GIGAmacro Magnify2, and are then combined to create a seamless image that has astounding resolution and depth of field. The resulting GIGAmacro image can be explored using a tiled-image viewer, (you’ve seen and used one every time you use Google Maps where, as you zoom in, the image gets more and more detailed), designed specifically for gigapixel imagery. Multiple GIGAmacro images can be compared to each other using the GIGAmacro Viewer, and shared with the public and other researchers. This new approach to photographing and studying subjects is typically used for research, but can also be applied to curriculum, interactive exhibits, industrial quality control or print formats.

Benicia Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio Operators in Benicia provide Emergency Communications in Disasters.  Membes of the Benicia Amateur Radio Club (BARC) train regularly to practice their communications skills and test their communication equipment.   Partnering with the Benicia Fire Department and the Benicia Emergency Response Team (BERT), radio stations on wheels can be deployed throughout the city to provide backup communications to Benicia’s public safety agencies “off the grid.” BARC also offers a quarterly full-day guided study session followed by a test session to obtain an amateur radio license, as well as several regular test sessions through the year. BARC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each onth in the downtown Benicia Fire Station at 7:30 P.M.  Meetings are open to the public.


We believe in tying the bridge between software and hardware to make technology development seamless and accessible. With Cubit, we hope to unify software and electronics development by providing a set of tools that is molded around the user. The result is a highly-intuitive platform that will reshape the way you learn software and electronics.

Dance Dance Revolution Maker

This is an advertisement of the StepMania phenomenon.


Tinkathing is a modular system to create toy robots and more

Steamy Tech

Greg and Lora Price specialize in creating kinetic art made with laser cutters and 3-D printers. Since 2012 they have been combing their 20 years of high-tech experience with woodworking to create exciting kinetic art.  Our kinetic items are also available as kits, so you can build and decorate the pieces in the way you want.

StreamMarker Sensors

The StreamMarker sensor network uses XBee mesh networking radios to transmit environmental sensor readings in real-time to the cloud. Sensors measure outside temperature and humidity, soil temperature & moisture level, and the sensor enclosure temperature. I’ve built a Ruby on Rails web application to make managing sensors and viewing sensor readings easy, and wrote sensor collector and data-access services using the Go programming language.  I designed custom printed circuit boards for an Arduino Pro Mini (sensor node) and Raspberry Pi (relay node) using the Open-Source Fritzing circuit design software. Measure what’s going on around you, be a data nerd!!!


Madmen (inspired by the writings of Herman Hesse) is a four-person family band based in the S.F. Bay Area with an eclectic progressive rock style. https://www.reverbnation.com/madmenrock

Fun costume projects you can make at home with some help from the internet!

Months ahead of Halloween, my son proclaimed that he wanted to be an Ewok. I knew I wanted to make costumes, but I really wasn’t sure how to begin this endeavor, so I decided to search the internet for inspiration and I found a treasure trove of ideas.  One project grew into another, and before I knew it, I had created multiple costumes for our family. I learned a ton from the process and I want share my experience of success, failure and tons of iterative design.


TAPIGAMI is the aRt of applying imagination to tape.  Learn the aRt of TAPIGAMI while building a social experience and making new friends.  The first rule of TAPIGAMI is to have fun while you do it, if your not having fun you’re not doing it right.

Tiger Machine

I am a one man band based in the SF Mission.
robo-electro live EDM Moog based synth music.
No laptop or sequencer here.

Cindy Sawprano

Cindy has created soundscapes in many settings:  a closet,, The Film Library, caves, in trees, churches, a telephone booth, and BART. Highly influenced by classical music and theater, she composes avant pop songs using the musical saw, voice, hurdy gurdy, found objects, and effects through an iPad. This year, she adds a typewriter and coffee grinder to her instrumentation.

Vacaville High School FIRST Robotics Team 2085

Vacaville High School FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Team 2085. Come see what a high school Engineering and Robotics team is all about. Come see our 120 pound competition robots.

Battling Robots

There can be only one! May the best robot win.

TwoFish Music

TWOFISH MUSIC, live acoustic-electric guitar, for up to 3-hours of favorite classic rock, folk, and orginal jazz and finger-style tunes with World Peace themes. Vallejo’s Julian Phillips (and friends), have performed hundreds of shows, ion the East Bay, including the Mini-Maker Faire in 2014.

Mariah Sanaa

Mariah Sanaa is a 10 year old Hip Hop artist. She has over a million youtube views and is currently working on her 2nd mixtape. She just released her new single entitled “Big Mad” that she will be performing.

Bay Area Engine Modelers Club

Scale model internal combustion engines that run on gasoline. Scale model steam engines that run on compressed air to simulate steam


Capslock is a hands on participant driven mural made from plastic bottle caps. We allow people of all ages to participate, we’ve had participants as young as 14 months and participants well into their golden years. Capslock is educational, we talk to people about how small choices can add up to big changes and about recycling, littering, and collaborative art.

Hitting the Sweet Spot in Urban Transport: Frankentrikes

What if you could have a bicycle, that was sort of like a car, with most of the features and few of the drawbacks?

Clean Transportation

This boot will exhibit the advantages of (electric vehicles) EVs and other clean transportation options. EV owners will describe their experience. Solar energy providers will describe the benefits of going solar and the synergy with EV ownership. The “real” reason to go the EV route will be revealed!

Solano Homesteading & Backyard Chicken Guild

What is Urban Homesteading? It is the practice of living sustainably, by growing one’s own food (animal and vegetable) within city limits, building a sharing and barter economy, and using today’s technology to relearn skills once commonplace: soap-making, aquaponics, cheese-making, solar power, gardening, greenhouses, raising urban livestock, and so much more.

Buddha Project

Art based project that seeks to reconstruct the giant Buddha of Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley with a quarter scale mosaic made of origami peace cranes. The project illustrates how the process of making is often an act of devotion that goes back millennia.

Shear Retort

Solid waste disposal without burning.

Benicia-Vallejo Co-Op Initiative

The Benicia-Vallejo Co-Op Initiative has been created to connect people interested in healthy eating with local, sustainable food choices. We inspire and educate ourselves and others about health and nutrition, cooperation and the environment. Our vision is to create a food Co-op market and commercial kitchen in the Benicia/Vallejo area that will support our local economy by providing jobs to some of our members, local gardeners, farmers, and food artisans and to provide a space for gathering and connection.

Smart Aquaponics

aquaponics use bacteria to breakdown fish waste to grow yummy orginic food. using smart aquaponics as a study case will show how to use supervisory control and data acquisition to visualize and remote control physical processes using a v2 smart controller

Smart Finger Puppet

Smart Finger Puppet ® is a fun, interactive, and motivational learning tool that brings out the genius, right at your children’s fingertip. They come to life as characters that portray different personalities or different subjects across all cultures.
• Fun, interactive, and motivational
• Works as a stylus with all touchscreen devices
such as iPad, iPhone, Google Nexus, Surface Pro, Galaxy Tab, Kindle etc.
• Keeps your touchscreen device clean
• Free Download Educational Apps Included
• Turns any gloves into touchscreen gloves
• Hand-knit, ecofriendly, and fair trade finger puppet
I created We the Smart Finger Puppet, which is a Benefit Corporation, to save lives one child at a time through education by inventing motivational learning toys to tap into the depths of these young minds to nurture their fullest potential. I believe that our mission and goals will give the future generations the power and courage to follow their heart and intuition, widen their circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty, and embrace the virtues of the heart to contribute to human welfare, happiness, peace, prosperity and good will for all. The company provides young children the opportunity to utilize their touchscreen devices with Smart Finger Puppets by rendering quality toys that are eco-friendly and integrating technology platforms. We believe in manufacturing products that promote fair wages, opportunity, and sustainable economy locally, and globally. We are a team of entrepreneurs, educators, philanthropists, and artists who believe in creating products that promote higher quality of life for the betterment of humanity. We support, and donate some of our proceeds to Boys and Girls Club, Toys for Tots, Nanodays Festival, and other charitable organizations for kids.

My Maker Tools

At MyMakerTools we provide USB Power modules to power your creations, charge you batteries and monitor your power consumption.

Can Cells Learn??

Does thinking require a brain?  Individual living cells contain intricate networks of molecules that resemble logic gates, raising the question of how much a single cell might be able to think or compute.  In fact, cells can be viewed as intelligent autonomous robots capable, in many cases, of exploring their environment and responding in an adaptive fashion. But can a single cell think or learn?   The answer to this question has huge implications not only in terms of synthetic biology and biotech applications, but also in terms of medicine.  If all the cells in our body are thinking and learning, this would change how we think about health and disease. We wanted to apply tools of behavioral psychology to study the behavior of single free-living cells that live in pond water, and asking whether cell behavior shows any of the same features as animal behavior.   To do this, we have built custom, Arduino-controlled machines for testing two reported types of learning in single cells:  Classical Conditioning in Paramecium, and Habituation in Stentor coeruleus.   Both devices can be built using parts from any hardware store, and show how low cost DIY solutions can allow anyone to explore fundamental unanswered questions in Biology.

Piano roll scanner/ Mechanical music

Merging the 20th and 21st Centuries, old rolls up to 100 years old or more are scanned in and converted to MIDI.  Paper rolls can also be played on a Crank organ.

Vic’s Creations

Creations include Par One, a rolling ball sculpture featuring miniature golfers. There are also other mechanical and electronic things. www.chaneyproductions.com

How to Build a (very) Tiny Drawing Robot (PlotterBot)

Learn how to build a (very) tiny drawing robot. The robot itself is made up of only 8 printed parts, 3 servo motors, and one zip tie. This robot is a great introduction into the world of Arduinobased

How to Make a Great Science Fair Project

This presentation shows the steps to making a great science fair project. Learn the best ways to choose a topic, perform research, create a display, and prepare your presentation.

Make Your Own Awesome Puppets

I know how to make really cool puppets. And, I want other people to be able to make puppets like them. And they are really fun to make and I think I should teach them how to make fun and cool looking paper. You can use glue or tape or in the shape of anything. There are so many possibilities. You can tell stories or play theater for your family.

GIGAmacro Forensics Toolmark Examiner

At our exhibit, we’ll be premiering new technology that allows anyone to be a forensics ballistics toolmark examiner. Every cartridge casing has a unique signature or set of toolmarks left by the firearm it was used in. Using a combination of robotic photography and online comparison tools, you’ll be able to examine, analyze, and match different casings to determine which cartridges were fired by which suspect.
In the actual exhibit, we’ll have our robotic system on hand digitizing actual cartridge casings that have been fired by a range of firearms. We’ll then be processing the data and challenging the attendees at MakerFaire to find matches between subjects, much like a forensics examiner does. There are prizes for those who make matches and a range of challenging cases to work on.
Over the past 9 months we been collaborating with the FBI and Oakland Police Department to develop new methods to compare and examine ballistics shell casings and fragments. This exhibit presents much of this new work and aims to help educate and empower the public about the forensics process and importance.
FYI…there will not be any live ammunition. Everything has been previously fired in a controlled government facility.

Upcycled Fun!

Learn how to create art and useful household items out of upcycled materials.  You’ll learn how to make your own shrink-art jewelry and trinkets from used plastic food containers and how to make useful items from your own yarn out of old shirts.

Republic Services’ EcoBooth

Your Trash and Recycling Hauler providing  disposal solutions for your home, business or government entity. Join us and make a “spinner” from reuse art pieces that that sparkles and spins in the sun. Check out our worm compost bin–  “Worms eat my garbage!”

Digital Mirror

A mirror that displays information like time, weather, RSS feeds, and even a calendar.

Willow Organics

Organic bath & body goods

California Ebike

Will have an interactive electric assist bike setup for demonstration.

Paper Circuits with Liberty High School

At our booth, Liberty High School students will help visitors make paper circuits and will display projects they have done in art and technology.

Clean Transportation

The Chevrolet Volt and all electric car with an unlimited range.  This Chevy Volt gets up to 40 miles on a charge and then switches to a gas powered generator for another 300 miles of driving.


snickerdoodle is the only development board you need for your next automated IoT project. Robots, drones, computer vision, home automation, you name it – if you can dream it, you can build it. Powered by a totally reconfigurable brain, snickerdoodle has a staggering 154 software-customizable I/O along with an ARM processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Starting at only $55, now you can truly create something different.

J.Trees Band

“J.Trees” a Rock Band from San Jose, CA. All are experienced musicians that have played different venues around the Bay Area and have put on great shows for everyone in attendance. The band is made up of a three piece, a guitarist/vocalist, a bass player/vocalist and a drummer. Their sound is VERY VERY diverse so listen carefully. It mixes with Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues & sometimes Metal:

jsmirk Apparel

jsmirk™ is an apparel company based in Benicia, Ca. It all started the summer of 2010 when co-owner Justin D. Evangelista, a web and graphic designer, showed a design he developed purely by accident to his oldest daughter Jaela Evangelista. When Jaela looked at the logo, she knew it had to be put on a shirt. However, due to Jaela’s dad’s hectic work schedule and running of his own business, it would be virtually impossible to launch this new brand and be able to give it the time, dedication and attention it needed. Jaela came up with a plan that would probably seem crazy to do with any other start-up business. Jaela, who was only 13 years old at the time, became the Vice President of Operations for the new company. She even named the logo and would call this new company; “jsmirk™”. “Now, it may seem unthinkable and probably somewhat unbelievable that jsmirk™ apparel is currently run by a 14 year old girl today, but in this day and age anything is possible. I have learned so much this past year about running a clothing line, from choosing designs, materials to ordering and paying bills. It’s been a great learning experience and everyday I am learning something new on how to make my company run smoother. ” – Jaela Evangelista

To date, jsmirk™ apparel has had sales in: Northern and Southern California, New York, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Hawaii, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas and even as far as England, Japan and the Phillipines. Jaela is now 16 years old and has taken the position of President of jsmirk apparel. In May of 2012 Jaela brought aboard her younger sister Kiki Evangelista who just turned 13 years old and appointed her to the VP of operations for jsmirk apparel. This creative and ambitous sister duo, along with their dad Justin, who provides design consultations, form TEAM jsmirk. Together this family run business stays focused on bringing jsmirk apparel to the next level.


Through the application of electronics technology at the Benicia Historical Museum, our history shines.    Ten (10) years ago the Museum began to experiment with, and develop applications, using Micro-Controller chips, LED lights, and audio processors to enhance various exhibits.  Today, thanks to the City of Benicia’s Sustainability Commission grant made available through the Valero Good Neighbor Steering Committee Settlement Agreement, the Museum has been able to upgrade the entirety of the BHM Charles P. Stone permanent exhibit area lighting system to current-generation LED fixtures and bulbs.  The Museum has also designed and built custom LED spot lights, a lighting controller, and audio equipment for a new exhibit unit design.   This exhibit shows various LED lighting products utilized, the unique low-voltage grid system design, the custom spot lights developed, and a lighting micro-controller developed by the Museum.


Tinkering  – Use found items and upcylced materials to create an original piece.

Straw Rockets

Which rocket designs have the most stable flight path? Why? Which designs did not work so well? Why? Create and iterate on straw rocket designs.Using simple materials including straws, tape, paper and ear plugs, create a rocket that is stable in flight. Modify your design by thinking about drag and lift and your fins. Consider how the center of gravity change how your rocket flies.


BuildTronic inspires next generation of innovators to build their own games.

Thehumblebee.orgWe provide inspiration and materials, the rest is all you… Kids will build boxes, play and then personalized it based on their preferences. They get to write stories, design their own game, draw and make their own rules and overall have fun!!!

Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle

The Nissan LEAF ( Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family) Electric Vehicle (EV) is a great alternative to gas automobiles.  It uses only electricity – no gas.  In 2016, Nissan boosted the lithium-ion battery capacity of the LEAF from 25 to 30 kilowatt hours, extending the LEAF’s range from 84 to 107 miles per charge.  The LEAF is usually equipped with a quick charge port which allows the driver to use DC fast charging stations and extend the range. A DC fast charging station can top up the battery in in just 20-30 minutes.  100% EVs, like the LEAF,  have no carbon emissions and when electricity is sourced from wind or solar power, virtually no carbon footprint.  A Nissan LEAF can be charged by using a simple 110 volt outlet (level1), but it’s slow – up to 16 hours for a full charge.  Most EV owners opt to install a 240 volt (level 2) EV charging station at home which will charge the battery in 4 hours or less. 240 volt charging stations are common in shopping areas and elsewhere.  DC fast charging stations are less common than level 2 charging stations, but allow charging in 30 minutes or less and we have one in Benicia!

Since most people drive less than 40 miles per day, EVs are a great alternative to gas vehicles. They are fast and fun to drive.  In California there are rebates of $2500 available when a new EV is purchased or leased.  In addition the LEAF qualifies for a $7500 federal tax credit when purchased.

Benicia Public Library

Everybody color!
Larger than life coloring pages – color a little or color a lot!

Balloon Animals

Come make Balloon Animals

Dawn Kathryn Studio

Original art work hand printed on t-shirts and tote bags.

Benicia Home Efficiency Program

The Benicia Home Efficiency Program (BHEP) is a non-profit, free residential program that has been active in Benicia since 2010. WattzOn partners with the City of Benicia to offer BHEP to all Benicia residents for free. Through BHEP, Benicia residents receive in-home energy and water consultations and learn how to save energy, water and money on their utility bills. During each consultation, residents will receive a complete analysis of their past energy and water usage, guaranteed recommendations for future savings and a free EnergyCenter account from WattzOn – that way a resident’s home will be a smart energy home even after the consultation! BHEP is a resourceful and effective program where we teach residents how to use energy and water more efficiently in their homes and we even provide residents with free energy and water savings products just by participating.

BHEP also works with Benicia High School students and train them as interns. The student interns are trained to assist with the home consultations as well as conduct community outreach. One area of community outreach that our interns enjoy the most is attending community events, speaking to residents about the program and sharing the results of the program with the community. www.beniciahomeefficiency.org

Tesla Model S

All-electric Tesla P-60 Model “S” automobile. Uses absolutely NO gas & NO oil. Has NO engine. ZERO emissions. 60 KW of rechargeable battery power. ALL Tesla Supercharge Stations are FREE TO USE on Teslas. At home, I fuel the Tesla for “free” from electricity made from sunlight.

Reviving History through Wearable Art

Revived heirlooms and wearable art inspired by the history of technology, particularly of the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era. Explore the history behind mechanical watches and other daily objects.

Kards by Kris

Handmade greeting cards for all occasions including specialty cards and packs of cards for birthdays, get well, thinking of you etc.

Robotic Hand

3D printed robotic hand that runs on Arduino

The Humble Bee

The mission of The Humble Bee is to cultivate love and kindness in this world through self enlightenment, creativity, hard work, and generosity.

Suisun Valley 4-H

3D Printing
Other 4-H Projects

Chevy Spark

Spark,  the new electric car from  Chevrolet.  The Spark goes from 0 to 60 in 7.2 seconds, it gets 82 miles on a charge.  After rebates the Spark sell for about $15,000 making it an affordable electric option.  Fuel savings alone for the first 5 years would be about $6,000.


A fun look at simple (and not so simple) motion gadgets, some
inspired by “Dr. Fizzix” who makes the famous “mousetrap car”,
“balloon-powered car” etc. Participants can play with these vehicles
on a 5 meter track and can make minor modifications to the vehicles
in hopes of breaking the track record. Arduino-powered robotic “insects” (spiders) will also be on hand. Participants can modify them some, depending on their skill levels. The goal is to improve their feet to improve their performance over uneven or soft ground.

LEGO Building/Robotics

We will offer a table for kids to build with LEGOs and explore LEGO Robotics WE DO.

Bay Area Droid Builders

The Bay Area Droid Builders is a group of makers, hackers, and above all, Star Wars fans who have built full size, fully functional R2-D2 and BB-8 Droids. They bring their droids to Maker Faire to share with other makers, geeks, kid and fans.


Sungevity is a global solar energy provider focused on making it easy and affordable for homeowners to benefit from solar power.


Solano County Transit (SolTrans) is the public transportation provider for southern Solano County, providing connections to regional destinations in Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties.
We deliver safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services that effectively link people, jobs, and our communities. Since our inception in December 2010, SolTrans has built a sustainable transit system, moved   critical infrastructure projects forward, and implemented various technologies and service   improvements that have enhanced the customer experience. We are also integrating green technologies into our fleet and facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.


SolarCity Supports GoSolar Benicia!


Riveropolis creates sculpture and furniture featuring elevated waterways and fantastical landscapes, bringing the magic of running water to schools, museums and public places.

In PLAY RIVERS Riveropolis provides social, “making” opportunities for families, children and communities. In extended projects such as summer camps, Riveropolis participants enter a deeper narrative, architectural process in the design and crafting of a unique river world.


StepMania: A DIY Dance Dance Revolution
StepMania is a dance game that runs entirely on user generated content.  It is mainly based on the gameplay styles of Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up.  This presentation of StepMania is made for Maker Faire.

A mural made from plastic caps that would have ended up in the trash. Most recycling facilities don’t recycle bottle caps, they end up in landfills or on the ground. I hope this mural brings attention to how much one small piece of plastic changes our landscape and how we can impact our environment by making conscientious choices. Participants will be able to add to the mural and see how one small choice can lead to a more beautiful world.

An Internet-of-Things Barbecue System
This presentation describes the architecture and design of an Internet-connected barbecue cooking system. A conventional Weber smoker is turned into a remotely-controlled, remotely-monitored barbecue cooker with the temperature accuracy of a kitchen appliance. Details of the architecture, design and implementation of the OpenWRT + Java system will be covered, in addition to thermocouple temperature probes and 1-Wire control.

Mini Top Hat Make and Take
Steaming Madd ~ Steampunk Jewelry and Wears

amateur radio demonstration-communication by morse code
This exhibit examines old and new ways to send morse code. Participants can practice sending morse code using equipment patented in the 1840-s, patented in 1904 or patented in the 1960;s. Participants can see and hear me sending morse code at speeds ranging from twenty five to thirty words per minute. I may try to contact and talk with another amateur radio operator worldwide using morse code on the amateur radio frequencies.

CleanMist Bathroom Tissue Spray: The Alternative to Wipes that Won’t Clog Sewer Pipes
CleanMist LLC
Cleaner than dry bathroom tissue alone, CleanMist bathroom tissue spray gently cleanses and refreshes with natural, plant-based ingredients.  Finally, an alternative to wipes that won’t clog sewer pipes! We’ve all experienced times when we want a little cleaner feeling than with dry bathroom tissue alone.  CleanMist bathroom tissue spray is a simple-to-use cleansing spray that you spray on your bathroom tissue before wiping, for that clean, fresh feeling.  It’s easy: just shake, spray, and wipe!  It’s like having the freshness of a wipe, minus the wipe!

GIGAmacro will show the world’s first terapixel macro photograph. A terapixel is one trillion pixels (1 million megapixels) that took four days of continuous photography using three Magnify2 systems to produce over 619,000 photographs werel then be assembled into a single explorable image.Come and see it here first, before it’s released to the world!

Can Cells Learn?
Does thinking require a brain?  Individual living cells contain intricate networks of molecules that resemble logic gates,  raising the question of how much a single cell might be able to think or compute.  In fact, cells can be viewed as intelligent autonomous robots capable, in many cases, of exploring their environment and responding in an adaptive fashion.   We wanted to apply tools of behavioral psychology to study the behavior of single free-living cells, and asking whether cell behavior shows any of the same features as animal behavior.   Learning has been demonstrated in Stentor coeruleus, a giant single cell that can grow up to 1 millimeter long, which makes it easy to work with.   These huge cells are bright blue and swim around in ponds like tiny fish, eating smaller cells as prey. If you tap a Stentor cell, it contracts into a little ball, and then eventually relaxes and goes back to hunting its prey.   But if you keep tapping it over and over, eventually it learns to ignore the tap.   This is a form of learning called Habituation, often considered the most basic form of learning in animals.  The existence of this behavior in a single cell is tremendously exciting, but it is not easy to study.   The problem is that the usual way of testing habituation in Stentor is to tap them with a glass needle.   This ends up being really hard to do in a consistent way, and so different people get very different results because they tap with different forces and speeds. To fix these problems,  we have built our own machines for testing the behavior of single cells. The first is an Arduino-controlled fully automated Stentor Habituation Device (SHD) in which a tap is generated with an electromagnet under computer control, allowing us to modify the frequency and duration of the taps.   We show how low cost DIY solutions can be used to test a fundamental unanswered question in Biology – how much can a single cell think!

Liberty High School
The students from Liberty High School will share the projects they have been working on and will demonstrate our Makerbot 3D printer.   Liberty High School provides a safe and caring alternative learning environment that supports the development of academic, personal and social skills, enabling students to become responsible, productive members of their community.

Astro Botanicals
Astro Botanicals are giant inflatable sculptures shaped like lotus buds, pine cones and angelic plants. They are elegant, majestic decorations with color shifting lights inside for captivating night time visuals. They can be arranged as centerpieces, beacons or frames for gateways or stages.

Ebike Solutions
California Ebike
California Ebike sells Electric Assist products and solutions for nearly ALL Bicycles and Riders. Fat tire bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes and trikes. Casual riders to commuters and handicapped. We are dedicated Makers and love to provide solutions that will enable any rider to get more exercise and enjoy riding a bicycle.

Sharing Shuttle:Connecting Communities
East Bay Cohousing
Hop on board the Sharing Shuttle “bicycar” and pedal your way to sustainable community – together! Experience the physical and social settings of East Bay cohousing neighborhoods designed for living well together, and discover how you can find your way to connections.

Benicia Middle School Science Technology Class
Benicia Middle School
These are various maker projects created by 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in Benicia Middle School’s Science Technology class. Students learn to conceive, develop, engineer and build projects involving the engineering design process and maker spirit. 

Qfusion Labs, LLC
Cubit is a programmable platform that allows you to easily make whatever you can imagine. Develop programs visually without writing any code, and plug in hardware peripherals without any soldering or configuration. Programming embedded microcontrollers requires specialized knowledge and programming in low level languages like C. Hooking up hardware peripherals requires soldering, breadboarding, and more specialized knowledge. Rarely does one person have expertise across both disciplines, and many have neither. With Cubit, programming the microcontroller is easy and accessible to everyone; our specially developed visual programming language makes it so you don’t need to write any code. Likewise, the hardware components are all plug-and-play, configured for you, so no soldering or breadboarding is necessary. Just drag and drop software commands, and plug the Smartwares you need to bring your project to life. More advanced users can still write code directly, or create custom hardware components.

Gashly Tentacles
For over 10 years I have been practicing alternative taxidermy, transforming recycled and new plush animals into fanged beasties that delight people who appreciate twisted and dark humor. I use taxidermy jaw sets and my own CAD designed jaws to make bunnies, unicorns and more into cute yet ferocious treasures.

Benicia gamers tourney
DoWT org.
A small tournament, for anyone to join. Ages 14-30+ just for fun. 

MCE Benicia
MCE offers 50-100% renewable energy at low and stable rates. We choose energy that comes from clean, renewable sources like solar, wind and geothermal. Serving Benicia residents and businesses this May.

Live Cube
CSU, East Bay Multimedia Graduate Department
The Live Cube is a reimagined tiny home from a near future. It is filled with enchanted objects left behind by its previous inhabitant to tell the story of a dystopian world profoundly affected by climate change and resource scarcity.

What Makes you You! DNA Extraction Experiment
Bio-Rad Laboratories
See What Makes You YOU! Explore the unique twists and turns of your DNA! Guided by a scientists, extract DNA from your own cheek cells and use real scientific methods to discover what makes you YOU. Be amazed as you see it happen before your eyes – as if by magic. Take away your DNA in a helix-shaped necklace, a cool tattoo and – we hope a love for scientific adventurer!

Red Icebreaker
Hand-painted jewelry inspired by Nature and Science! Red Icebreaker designs jewelry using oil paint, polymer clay, and 3d printing to create modern, unique pieces.

Smart aquaoponics – why the arduno, raspberry pi or beaglebone could not keep the bacteria alive.
Kijani Grows
Smart aquaponics involves farming bacteria to raise fish and plants in a recirculating water system  using computers. Micro-controllers convert critical biological processes that transform energy to food into binary bits for data logging, visualizations, analysis and remote control. This is mostly a physical IoT project show casing electronics, linux, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and software engineering through our new v2 IoT platform. Our project is also an insight into the development processes from an electronics prototype to an actual product.

Bleeding Heart Bellydance
Bleeding Heart Bellydance is an American Tribal Style® bellydance troupe.  American Tribal Style® bellydance is a folkloric style of bellydance that uses group improvisation rather than choreography, with the dancers using strong nonverbal communication to create a unified presentation.  This style, with its richly layered ethnic costuming and jewelry, represents a fusion of traditional dance styles from North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India, and Spain re-imagined in a uniquely American way.

A toolbox for budding engineers… who happen to like Minecraft

Rogue Making
Rogue Making offers maker workshops to kids and adults all over the United States.  Tenaya can teach you soldering, programming, and sewing with electronics.  Rogue Making means that we adapt to any situation from birthday parties to team building.  Come see #Arduweenie and make #WearableTech

Learning Robot Turtles
Learn from Lynn Garrison (a former Benicia Middle School teacher of Alice and Scratch programming languages), basic coding concepts for preschoolers and elementary students using “Robot Turtles” the game for little programmers. Robot Turtles by ThinkFun will turn kids ages 4 and up into “Turtle Masters” with the help of older kids or adults who become “Turtle Movers.”

Introduction to Robotic Kits
Discover the many variations of robotic kits like Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit and the “Inventor” electronics kit. From a robotic arm tank to Arduino sensors, robotic kits offers all ages of beginner Makers introductory opportunities to make and hack robotic analog materials and digital modules.

Project Daffodil
Princess Engineers, Electrical Dragons and Basic Circuitry!
Project Daffodil is a pop-up book embedded with simple circuits being developed by graduate students from California State University East Bay. We have created an electrical pop up book designed to teach young girls, especially those in the “princess phase”, basic circuits and electronics. The pop up book uses paper mechanisms and printed circuitry to create an educational and entertaining adventure. So come help Princess Cassie restore power to the kingdom!

Benicia Amateur Radio Club
Ham Radio Operators in Benicia provide Emergency Communications in Disasters. Members of the Benicia Amateur Radio Club (BARC) train regularly to practice their communication skills and test their communication equipment. Partnering with the Benicia Fire Department and the Benicia Emergency Response Team (BERT), radio stations on wheels can be deployed throughout the city to provide backup communications to Benicia’s public safety agencies “off the grid.” BARC meets on the 2nd Tuesday monthly in the downtown Benicia Fire Station at 7:30 PM. Meetings are open to the public.

East Bay Brass Band
East Bay Brass Band is a ten-piece brass band that specializes in playing mashups of popular music.

PlotterBot – How to build a drawing robot or Tiny CNC
The PlotterBot.com website is devoted to teaching you to how to build Arduino powered drawing robots, big and small. You will find open source plans, material lists, instructions, downloads, and recommendations to help you a drawing robot.

Cinder Garden Steampunk
I make Urban Steampunk clothing and accessories using upcycled home linens, upholstery fabric samples and used clothing. My style is functional-Steam with an industrial edge… intended for everyday, Burning Man, Dress-up and play-time. My Utila-Bustles, Market Bags and Utility Hat Bands are truly functional (funky + functional). Using Obtainium makes my clothing truly unique and affordably chic.

hula hoop interactive entertainment/festival ears
Hoop play
Interactive Hula Hoop Play and festival animal ears

Solving Rubik’s Cubes and 3D Printing
I have built 3 robots. One robot is a Rubik Cube Solver V2. The other robot is a 3D printer. The second generation Rubik cube solver has a button push activation and a brand new algorithm. This robot can also solve a Rubik cube in less than 30 moves and under 2 minutes. The 3D printer was a kit that was assembled by me. The 3D printer has a maximum print size of 4 inches cubed or 10 cm cubed. It also prints 3-dimensional objects with a lot of precision. I will bring three robots to Maker Faire with me. The last robot that I haven’t talked about is going to be a surprise.

GGLabs designs and builds a wide variety of electronic devices. From computer accessories, switching power supplies, classic computer peripherals and micro-controllers projects everything we make is open source and open hardware. We love to solve problems and share what we learn.

Obtainium Works
Obtainium Works is a group of gearheads, tinkerers, and fabricators in Vallejo, CA that build fantastic art vehicles for the Mad Hatter Parade, Maker Faire, Burning Man, and other events in the North Bay. We also put on other events including the Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally in July and the Haul-O-Ween Murdery Mystery and Haunted House in October.

Par One: a Rolling Ball Sculpture
Victor Chaney, DDS
Par One is a Rolling Ball Sculpture, with miniature golfers trying for that elusive “hole-in-one”. They make it, with the help of a gopher, duck and squirrel. “Music Kaleidoscope” takes music and translates it into musical patterns of color. “Gypsy Fortune Teller” is a brass, copper and electronic sculpture that is trying to see into the future.

Carnivale Fantastico
Avalon Themed Events
Promoting Carnivale Fantastico Renaissance Festival in Vallejo, May 2nd and 3rd. 2015

Natural Desalination / Cut Benicia Water usage in 1/2 too
Natural Desalination
Off Shore “Natural Desalination” uses only nature to supply all the water California will ever want at a low cost of $20 per acre foot. This can End Droughts Forever in California as well as solve the problems with our delta. Using Nanotube Reverse Osmosis and locating the RO field down 1/2 mile will supply all the power needed to ENDLESSLY desalinate sea water using no power. After using gravity conveyance to shore, CETO wave pumps raise the fresh water to be used or transported as needed using wave’s natural pumping back and forth motion. Benicia has the opportunity to cut it’s water usage in 1/2 with 4 water reuse projects. 1) West Rose drive reuse storm water for watering Middle and high school fields + Hydro Power  2) North Rose drive reuse Storm water for watering School and ball fields. 3) Waste water treatment for refinery using ZeeWeed case study needs small water tower at treatment plant and pipe to go along shoreline to refinery to avoid hills and cost lifting water further 3b) can also use water for nearby schools and parks downtown. 

Chrysanthemum’s Mini Cardboard Arcade
Play amazing handmade arcade games! Win prizes! Have fun! 

Republic Services
I will have items that were made from recycled products (hat made from water bottles, etc.) and will be promoting REDUCE.REUSE.RECYCLE

Make Your Own Awesome Puppets
I make awesome puppets out paper and tape and popsicle sticks.

Nutty, Dave’s Pysanky Eggs
David Nutty: Art, Craft, Education
David Nutty will demonstrate the art of Pysanky, a wax-resist dye process used to color eggs. Watch as melted wax is applied to eggs to create a design. Several layers of color will be applied and each layer has more wax designs applied. When complete the layers of wax are removed to reveal a finished design on the egg. Tools, dyes and design examples will be discussed.

Benicia High School
Gatobot! An interactive mobile sculpture created by Rhiannon Johnson and Mr. Frazier’s AP Studio Class at Benicia High School

EV car conversion
My project is an Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion of a Kia Rio using a 3 phase AC induction motor, two 600v 600a three phase IGBT modules, and 15 12v lead acid batteries.  The motor controller was designed using a Microchip PIC18F4431 microcontroller.  The car is now registered as a street legal EV. 

Children’s Art Table
Arts Benicia
Kids Wanted for Making Art! Arts Benicia is providing a free hands-on workshop for kids of all ages ~ must be accompanied by parent. Let your imaginations run with our pile of recycled materials. What will YOU create!

MACH 925
Makers, Artists, Crafters and Hackers is a non-profit makerspace in Concord CA. We host scientific and technological education activities for kids and adults.

Repurposing comic books for fun & imaginative uses. Button making from comics, magazines and books. Will also hand out info on making a bow tie or hair bow from a comic. 

LEGO Micro Building
Using LEGO® bricks and LEGO® educational products, our center provides project based learning activities to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts in a fun way! BrickSpace offers after-school programs, preschool enrichment classes, S.T.E.M. field trips, birthday parties and drop in play. Our center is clean and bright, it is set up to let kids both explore on their own and have a structured time for building with Lego bricks. Our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable.


  • judy newell says:

    i have an 1978 automark stamping machine (looks like heavy typewriter) that i used to make metal ID tags for pets.it sparked once so had a friend look at it..he took it apart in pieces to see what caused it..its been in a box ever since..i made the tags free to help animals..when i found a dog once,the vet scanned it,refused owner name,gave me a # to call;they refused to tell me the owner..finally went to police dept; they had located the owner but i never did.so would like to continue to make the tags.can this be a project or can this machine be fixed?thanks so much for help.judy,live in benicia at 745-6567.

  • Corey Booth says:

    Hello Aaron,

    I applied to participate in the mini maker Faire and have not received any information regarding the status of my application. Could you please refer me to the proper contact? Our company is Willow Organics.

    • Aaron Newcomb says:


      You are approved and notifications should be going out later today. Thanks for checking and sorry for the delay.

  • Corey Booth says:

    No problem, thank you for replying so quickly! I’ll keep an eye out for the email.

    All the best,

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